Friday 18th to Monday 21st February 2022.

Posted: 21/02/2022 20:01

Friday 18th.  Following hard on the heels of Storm Dudley, Storm Eunice brought around 14 mm of rain overnight and into the afternoon and eventually strong W'ly winds to site, the initial light to moderate SW'ly increasing to fresh with 45 kt gusts.  Consequently, there was no flying.

Saturday 19th.  An initial moderate SW'ly rapidly decreased to become light and variable as initially rain, then sleet and then snow led to a covering of 5-10 cm, so it was another non-flying day.

Sunday 20th.  Another windy and very wet day as the third named storm in a row, Franklin, approached from the west.  Fresh WSW'lys briefly backed into the SW before veering into the W and declining to moderate, with the persistent rain ensuring the reduction in wind speed did not lead to a flying day.

Monday 21st.  Storm Franklin's worst winds and rain crossed the area overnight, but the WNW'ly was still fresh and gusting around 40 kts at the start of a normal flying day.  As Franklin moved away eastwards the wind veered into the NW and slowly moderated but not quick enough to allow any flying, precipitation remaining in the form of showers.

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