Sunday 30th to Monday 31st January 2022.

Posted: 31/01/2022 21:00

Sunday 30th.  Storm Malik was followed by a transient ridge of high pressure that initially produced light SE'lys at site, the wind then veering into the SSW and slowly increasing to moderate as the next named winter storm, Corrie, approached.  19 ATs were flown off runway 20 behind the Eurofox, the strengthening wind favouring the later flights with some lift in the main bowl and the White Horse part of the southern ridge.  Tim Stanley made the most of this with 42 minutes in the DG303, while Mike Collins had 32 minutes in the Astir and Bruce Grain and Tomer Altman had 30 minutes in K21 JVZ.  7 other flights had between 20 and 29 minutes, those earlier in the day the result of high tows and those later in the day taking advantage of the weak hill lift.  The more benign conditions also allowed the recovery of the glider trailer that had gone walk about as the following photos show, with more secure tie downs provided in advance of Storm Corrie.                               

Monday 31st.  Storm Corrie worst winds were overnight, with nearby RAF Topcliffe recording a gust in excess of 50 kts around 0200 hrs.  By daylight hours, the wind, from a WNW/NW direction, had become moderate to fresh with 25-30 kt gusts, a strength and direction that ruled out any attempt at flying.  The wind continued to decline as the day wore on but the combination of direction and speed never generated conditions that were suitable for flying.  


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