Sunday 23rd to Monday 24th January 2022

Posted: 24/01/2022 19:50

Sunday 23rd.  In spite of overcast skies 17 ATs were flown off runways 24 with 6 of the subsequent landings on runway 20.  The light to moderate SSW'ly wind provided some lift in the main bowl and 7 of the day's flights exeeded 30 minutes, with Dave Thompson having ust over an hour in the Astir.  All the day's ATs were to around 1,000' QFE and it is assumed that this was due to the low cloud base, while no one climbed above release height.  Some of the Oxford visitors progressed onto solo flying, with Azmi Rahman having 3 flights in K21 JVZ after an earlier check flight and Roger Taylor-Allkins having 2 flights in the Astir, one lasting 46 minutes while Azmi's longest flight was 43 minutes.  Other pilots to enjoy more than 30 minutes flying time included Mike Collins in the Astir, 35 minutes, visitors Bray and Tobin in the DG505, 47 minutes and Fred Brown and visitor Seb Swieton in K21 KLW, 45 minutes, 

Monday 24th.  Another overcast day, but with a mainly light SSE'ly blowing and no prospect of any soaring, only 2 flights in K21 resulted, both by Steve Thompson and Andrew Bedford. Both flights were low tows, the first in the morning to around 1,000' QFE and the second in the afternoon to around 800' QFE.  Consequently, flight times were 9 and 6 minutes respectively.    


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