Sunday 16th to Thursday 20th January 2022

Posted: 20/01/2022 21:26

Sunday 16th.  After a foggy start the day was sunny with a light and variable wind that eventually settled to become a light W'ly.  The day's 16 ATs and 4 Falke flights were all circuits, some extended, with none of the glider flights getting above launch height.  Typically for a quiet, lift free day, flight times were correlated with launch heights, Jamie Quartermaine's 25 minutes in K21 KLW with one of the day's First Flight pupils coming off a 3,000' tow and Toby Wilson's 20 minutes came from a 2,500' tow in the DG500 with another of the day's First Flight pupils for company.  This puts into context Steve Ogden's 25 minutes in the Astir off a 2,500' tow.  Peter Goodchild, while  not at the leading edge of flight durations, did head the list of personal launches with 4 in his PIK 20E. 

Monday 17th.  The wind, while remaining light, was now generally from  the ESE as the high pressure continued to provide blue, sunny skies but little in the way of lift.  Flying commenced around 1030 hrs with last flight of the 13 flown, landing at around 1615 hrs.  The absence of any lift meant flight times were low, with only 3 flights getting to 20 minutes or beyond.  Chris Thirkell, flying the DG500 solo had 22 minutes, with Nigel Burke and Steph Power having 20 minutes in the same glider.  Roger Taylor and Stewart Wallace did their bit to enhance the financial position of the club with 4 dual flights each, while Andy Tyas pitched in with 2 flights in the Astir and Clive Swain did the majority of the P! flying.

Tuesday 18th.  The anticyclone continued to provide quiet, conditions under sunny blue skies, so it was another day of circuits, albeit some extended ones due to some weak lift, with 5 of the day's 16 launches recording flight times of over 20 minutes.  The skilfull/lucky pilots were Andrew Cluskey who had 28 minutes in the Astir, John Carter/Laurie Clarke with 25 minutes in the DG500, Dave McKinney giving one of the day's First Flight pupils 23 minutes in the DG500, Bruce Grain/Dave McKinney, 22 minutes in the DG500 and Dave McKinney giving another of the day's First Flight pupils 21 minutes in K21 KLW.  Instructor training for Laurie and Dave also continued with John Carter and Bruce Grain providing the instruction.

Wednesday 19th.  The overnight passage of a weak cold front left the site in a moderate to fresh and unflyable  NW'ly, with the windsock dancing around its pole.  Conditions became quieter by the middle of the afternoon but were not quiet enough to allow flying to take place.

Thursday 20th.  The NW'ly, now of moderate strength, was still blowing, with the turbulent nature of the air continuing to be indicated by the lively windsock.  As on Wednesday, conditions quietened later in  the day but not sufficiently for flying to take place.

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