Saturday 22nd January 2022

Posted: 23/01/2022 08:56

Saturday 22nd.  A mainly light but occasionally moderate WNW'ly blew all day, accompanied by increasing amounts of cloud that indicated there was wave about, but this proved difficult to contact.  Operations were off runway 24, with  the majority of the day's 25 launches landing back there, the  3 exceptions being on runway 20.  YGC's K21 KLW and DG500 shared the flights with the visiting Oxford GC's DG505, while Steve Thompson had 2 flights in his Ventus 2 as he checked out the engine.  The latter made some contribution to the fact that Steve's flights were the longest of the day at 1:05 and 48 minutes, but weak hill lift and weak wave also contributed, enabling Steve to climb from his launch height of 1500' QFE to 3,000' QFE on his first flight and explore the local area.  Visitors Cecilia Craig and Roger Taylor Allkins managed 38 minutes in their DG505, the only other flight to exceed 30 minutes, while Alex Rose and David Bray, also visiting from Oxford, had 22 minutes in the same glider, all the day's other flights being less than 20 minutes.  Flying continued until around 1630 hrs, with YGC and Oxford GC carrying on their collaboration later in the evening as they enjoyed a curry dinner expertly organised by Kelly Teagle. 

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