Friday 21st January 2022

Posted: 22/01/2022 17:35

Friday 21st.  Another blue, sunny day at Sutton with a light to moderate WNW'ly wind.  Initial operations were off runway 24 with the option to move to runway 02 if long ground runs behind the turbo Eurofox resulted, but the Eurofox coped with the heavier 2 seaters and runway 24 was the take off runway for the rest of the day.  The club welcomed a group from the Oxford GC (Weston on the Green) who after helping to get out two YGC  2 seaters and ground equipment, soon had their DG505 rigged and ready to fly.

The day provided some pleasant flying conditions with smooth air and good visibility, appreciated by the Oxford visitors as they took site acclimatisation flights, before operating their own DG505 and the day's 3 First Flight pupils. During the afternoon, the wind strengthened slightly and the hill provided some lift, allowing a few flights to approach 30 minutes duration and in two cases exceed it.  Visitors Gordon Craig and Azmi Rahman in their DG505 had 36 minutes while Dave Thompson flying K21 KLW solo had 44 minutes before being called in to land to allow a prospective new member to have a second flight with Steve Thompson. Dave was maintaining around 500' in the main bowl and on landing did so on runway 20.  Gordon Craig and Siobhan Tobin almost joined the > 30 minute group with 29 minutes in the DG505, while 3 other flights exceeded 20 minutes, all for the day's 3 First Flight pupils.  

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