Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th December 2021

Posted: 14/12/2021 23:03

Wednesday 6th.  A moderate S'ly that veered into the WSW brought low cloud and spells of rain, so there was no flying.  However, Ron Beezer responded to the call for captions to the previous published photo with:- 

"Surely, the zip on John Ellis' wallet can't have rusted up completely"

Thursday 7th. A light SE'ly to start veered into the SW and increased to moderate, allowing not only flying  under broken high cover but some soaring to take place.  The day's 11 ATs off runway 24 were mainly in the club 2 seaters, with only Bill Payton flying a single seater, the Astir, although Graham Evison and Tony Drury both flew K21 JVZ solo.  All the flights of 30 minutes or more were flown dual, with Steve Thompson and Richard Selfs having 52 minutes in K21 JVZ.  Next came Thoamasz Rusin and Kryzystof Han???? in the DG500 with 47 minutes while Albert and Martin Newbery had 30 minutes also in the DG500.  I was unable to download post flight tracking data so I am unsure of the type of lift used.

Friday 8th.   A blue and sunny day had a light to moderate NW'ly blowing so the day's 6 ATs were off runway 24 with little in the way of lift to extend flights, so Clive Swain and John Dore's 20 minutes off the first flight of the day in K21 JVZ looked like being the longest.  Tim Stanley and Fred Brown both flew JVZ solo without threatening the 20 minute target, but off the last flight of the day, Clive Swain, also solo in JVZ had 1:12 with again a lack of post flight track data not allowing the type of lift used to be confirmed.


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