Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th December 2021

Posted: 31/12/2021 13:40

Tuesday 28th.  The overcast, dull, damp and generally dank conditions again prevailed so  there was no flying.

Wednesday 29th.  The eighth consecutive day of no flying as the weather continued to be dull, overcast and damp.

Thursday 30th.  At last a flying day, as the moderate to fresh WSW'ly wind brought in some very mild air while slowly backing into the SSE.  ATs off runway 24 were limited at times by low cloud but 6 launches resulted with hill lift for all and wave for some, providing a welcome return to flying after a long break due to the weather.  Chris Handzlik in the Discus and Guy Hartland/Sarah Stubbs in the DG500 made the most of the wave, with Chris climbing to around 8,400' asl and visiting Bedale, in his flight of 1:46, his initial climb being just to the south of Bagby.  Guy and Sarah in the DG500 had a more modest climb to around 4,000' asl, spending the majority of their flight of just over an hour over and around Felixkirk.  Dave Thompson, flying K21 KLW solo, gained a little height in  the wave in his flight of 30 minutes while the other 3 flights, all in KLW, had to be content with hill soaring along  the SW'ly facing portion of the home bowl. 

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