Saturday 18th to Tuesday 21st December 2021

Posted: 22/12/2021 11:02

Saturday 18th.  The anticyclone that had provided light winds and clear blue skies over the past day and a half was still in place but now provided anticyclonic gloom with very murky conditions under of thick layer of unbroken stratus as  a light S'ly blew.  The gloom extended to all those wanting to fly, as this was not possible.

Sunday 19th.  Another non-flying day as the anticyclonic gloom persisted, the light wind starting of in the east before veering into the NNW.

Monday 20th.  A light E'ly blew,with the previous day's murk lifting to good visibility and an overcast at 1600' QFE.  This proved sufficient to allow flying to take place, albeit limited to 5 ATs off runways 20 or 24 .  Due to the low cloud base, the day's 2 First Flight pupils were given 2 flights each with Arthur Docherty being P1, while off  the last flight of the day, Dick Cole flying K21 KLW solo, indulged in some aerobatics, a loop and two 1/4 clovers, to quote the pilot, "coz you can", before landing back on runway 06.

Tuesday 21st.  A light S'ly brought in a slightly lower overcast than on Monday, but following the first launch off runway 20 around 1030  hrs, flying continued until the early afternoon by which time demand had be satisfied.  Launch heights were limited by the overcast to a maximum of 1300' QFE so flight times ranged from 6 to 10 minutes, with the day's 2 First Flight pupils being given 2 flights each.  Club member Roger Taylor also had 2 flights dual with Ian Pattinson and Samuel Everleigh had 3 with Guy Hartland, while Richard Selfe rounded off the day's flying with Dave Watson as P1 the day's 10 ATs all being in K21 KLW.  

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