Friday 24th to Monday 27th December 2021.

Posted: 27/12/2021 20:32

Friday 24th.  The occluded front continued to bring in low cloud and bits and pieces of rain as the light NW'ly slowly veered into the E, so there was no flying.

Saturday 25th.  Christmas Day is the only day in the year when, irrespective of the weather, the club is closed.  This year the weather, continuing low cloud as a moderate E to ESE'ly blew, made sure this tradition was continued.  I would, however, like to wish all the readers of the YGC Blog a very happy Christmas and an exciting New Year as all your soaring wishes come true.  I have also posted below a very Christmassy scene at site from earlier in the year, courtesy of John Carter.

Sunday 26th.  The dull and dank weather continued, the dankness getting worse with rain and drizzle off and on and the wind continuing to bring in a low overcast  in from the ESE/SE.  So the no flying sequence of day's continued

Monday 28th.  With areas of low pressure continuing to be close to and surrounding the UK,  there was little change in the weather and no change to the prospects of flying.  Consequently, the sequence of no flying days now reached 6.


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