Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Posted: 24/11/2021 11:17

Tuesday 23rd..  The high pressure remained in place, resulting in another initially sunny and light wind day at Sutton although low cloud restricted launch heights at times.  The benign conditions favoured the day's  7 First Flight pupils with 20 ATs flown initially off runway 02 into the light NW'ly and then off runway 20 as the wind backed into the WSW. Apart from Steve Thompson's 2 flights in his Ventus, no other single seaters were flown although Tom Dale, John Dore and Polly Whitehead flew either the DG500 or K21 JVZ solo.  The combination of low launch heights and zero available lift meant flight times were low, with John Carter/Dave McKinney's 18 minutes in the DG1000 being the longest of the day, followed by Guy Hartland's 16 minutes  with one of the day's First Flight pupils in JVZ .  

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