Tuesday 16th to Wednesday 17th November 2021

Posted: 18/11/2021 14:23

Tuesday 16th.  A light to moderate SW'ly continued to bring in copious amounts of low cloud so there was no flying.

Wednesday 17th.  At last, some sunshine, albeit hazy due to thin, high cloud, but nevertheless very welcome as flying was possible as a initially light W'ly slowly increased in strength to become moderate by the end of the flying day .  17 ATs were flown off runway 24, the majority in the club 2 seaters with only 2 in single seaters, Duncan Pask and Bill Payton being the pilots.  Bill, however, posted the longest flight of the day, with 1:15 in the Astir, the day's glider tracks indicating the some weak wave was present to augment the hill lift, with most gliders pushing to the W and NW of the site, Bill for example getting to Hutton Sessay.   Bill's was the only flight over an hour, but there were 6 flights of over 30 but less than 60 minutes, with Derek Smith and John Carter topping this particular list with 47 minutes in the DG1000.    Laurie Clarke followed this with 37 minutes with one of the day's First Flight pupils in the DG500, while David Campbell, with another First Flight pupil in K21 JVZ, and Guy Hartland with member P Leake in K21 KLW, shared a flight time of 36 minutes.  

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