Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st November 2021

Posted: 22/11/2021 16:20

Saturday 20th.  A moderate W'ly continued to blow while showing a tendency to veer into the NNW, providing another day of hill and wave soaring.  The day's 28 ATs off runway 24 generated 19 flights of over 30 minutes, 9 of these being over an hour and 5 being over 2 hours, with a number of cross countries flown.  Jesper Mjels in his DG400 was one of the cross country pilots, covering 191 kms and claiming TPs at  Hawes,  Boroughbridge and Catterick, while his trace also indicates he visited Masham and Wetherby.  Chris Teagle was another cross country pilot flying his Kestrel 19 166 km around Selset Reservoir and Pateley Bridge, while Fred Brown in his Ventus visited Hawes and Catterick. More restrained journeys were flown by Rob Bailey in  the Discus as he visited the Tontine and Thirsk, while the Astir visited Thimbleby piloted by Steve Ogden.  14 of the day's 28 launches led to climbs to over 5,000' asl, with 4 climbing above 10,000' asl.  The aforementioned Jesper, Chris, Fred and Rob were  the latter pilots, Jesper climbing to 12,400', Chris to 11,300', Fred to 11,100' and Rob to 10,500' asl.  Those getting above 5,000' asl included Steve Ogden in  the Astir, 9,500', Chris Collingham and Steven Altman, 9,200' in K21 KLW and Jamie Quartermaine and John Forrester, 7,700' also in KLW.   Increasing cloud from early afternoon put an end to wave flying but hill soaring continued until the end of flying at around 1600 hrs.

Sunday 21st. A switch in the wind into the N led to a day of low cloud and showers, so there was no flying, the wind, initially moderate to fresh, steadily declining to become light to moderate by the end of the flying day.

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