Saturday 13th to Monday 15th November 2021

Posted: 16/11/2021 16:03

Saturday 13th.  Cloudy skies continued to dominate the weather even though the wind was now  a light to moderate N'ly.  The cloud was, however, high enough to permit flying to take place of runway 02, although the tuggies preferred landing on 06.   John Marsh and Sarah Stubbs took the first launch around 1030 hrs in K21 KLW and returned to earth 14 minutes later, this being the pattern for most of the day's flights. However, there were exceptions, with Chris Booker and Sarah Stubbs having 23 minutes in the DG1000 and Les Rayment and one of the day's 5 First Flight pupils having 18 minutes in the DG500, the same time being recorded by Andy Evans flying the DG500 solo. Three members of the Durham University GC also flew on a quiet day from a gliding/soaring perspective.

Sunday 14th.  The wind had now become a light SE'ly, but the cloudy skies persisted, so with little prospect of any soaring opportunities, it was again a day of short flights, with nobody exceeding 17 minutes flying time. The 2 club K21's   operated off runway 20 behind either Pawnee EV or Eurofox TY, were the steeds for the day's 12 launches,these including 2 for tuggie training in the Eurofox, with first Tony Drury and then Dave Thompson being the willing guinea pigs in K21 JVZ, with launches to 1000' QFE.  4 First Flight pupils and 4 members of the Durham University GC provided the majority of the launches, with Malcolm Morgan recording the longest flight of the day, 17 minutes, with one of the former group.

Monday 15th. A light to  moderate SE'ly that declined to light and veered into the S was accompanied by extensive cloud that this time was low enough to prevent any flying. 

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