Monday 22nd November 2021

Posted: 22/11/2021 19:36

Monday 22nd.  High pressure was in charge with the result a light wind day and blue skies.  Operations were initnally off 02 into a NW'ly breeze and this applied for 8 of the day's 11 ATs, the final 3 being off 20 as the wind dropped.  In the absence of any lift most pilots resorted to tows to 2,500 or 3,000' QFE to extend flight times with 3 First Flight pupils and some instructor training/checks flown.  John Carter and Laurie Clark managed 25 minutes,the best of the day with  most of the other flights being around 20 minutes.  Phil Turning had 2 flights in the Astir after an earlier check flight with John Tayler in the DG500 gradually increasing his flight times from 19, via 20 to 22 minutes, ie steady progress. 

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