Friday 19th November 2021

Posted: 21/11/2021 12:41

Friday 19th.  A light to moderate W'ly brought another hill and wave soaring day at Sutton, with a number of flights getting to above 10,000' asl. 18 ATs were flown off runway 24 with Steve Thompson and Dave Thompson 1st off in the DG1000 on another attempt to fly the club's 200 km wave task.  This time they reached Barnard Castle but were unable to get to Pateley Bridge due to 8/8's cloud cover.  Steve has supplied a couple of photos, the first showing a nice wave bar stretching towards the coast and the second showing the extensive cloud cover preventing an approach to Pateley Bridge.


Steve and Dave flight of  2 hrs included a peak altitude of 11,700' asl, 3 other flights climbing to 10,000' or more.  Two of these were by Fred Brown in his Ventus, a morning flight of 1:42 getting to 11,100' just north of Thirsk, while his afternoon flight of 1:34 included a peak altitude of 12.800' near Ripon.   Fred noted that there was less cloud in the afternoon, and also experienced a Crisp packet explosion, the affect of reducing pressure on Crisp packets being illustrated in the following photo, Fred this time being able to enjoy the contents before the packet exploded.

The other flight to climb above 10,000' was by John Marsh and Tony Drury, who in a flight of 1:20 in the DG1000, got to 10,800' asl.  A number of other flights climbed to over 5,000' asl, the list including Guy Hartland and Paul Bulmer in the DG500, 7,600' asl,  Clive Swain and John Dore in K21 KLW, 7,400', Clive,  this time with Tony Kirby in KLW, 7,300' while Guy took one of the day's First Flight pupils to 5,100' in the DG500 in a flight lasting 17 minutes.   On a day when 8 flights were over an hour and a further 5 were >30<60 minutes, the longest flight was by Jesper Mjels in his DG400 with 3:38.  Where Jesper went and how high he climbed is not known to the writer due to the absence of a post flight trace. 

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