Sunday 26th September 2021

Posted: 02/10/2021 10:12

Sunday 26th.  A transient ridge of high pressure  gave way to a series of advancing Atlantic fronts but not before a full day's flying had been achieved.  The light to moderate wind, blowing from between SSE and SW meant the day's 23 ATs were off runway 20 and some thermal activity tempted 2 private owners to rig and fly, both Darren Lodge in his LS8-18 and John Marsh in his DG303 having flights of over an hour, Darren having 2:30 and John 1:25.  They were joined by Andy Tyas who had 1:19 in the Astir and almost by Mike Collins in the DG303 who landed after 53 minutes.  The best of the 2 seater flights saw Bruce Grain and Simon Altman have 30 minutes in K21 JVZ with Bruce also having the next best, 28 minutes with Amelia Forrester in the DG500.  Nobody ventured too far from the site although one of the day's flights in K21 KLW did progress out to Dalton. 

As a postscript to the ending of the Tuesday evening flying Ron Beezer has provided this splendid view of K21 KLW awaiting the final tow of the day against a beautiful sunset.

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