Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th October 2021

Posted: 11/10/2021 20:28

Saturday 9th.  The cold front that had been lingering over Northern Ireland and western Scotland finally made slow progress southeastwards with the result that low cloud persisted all day at site ruling out any flying.

Sunday 10th.  The cooler airmass behind the front produced some convective activity to tempt those wanting to soar, so the launch point was busy all day with 41 ATs off 02 into a light to moderate, initially NW'ly wind.  Soaring proved to be not straightforward however, with only 13 flights exceeding 30 minutes, of which 5 exceeded an hour. this achievement being  split 3:2 in favour of private owners.  Visitor Graham Morris in his ASW27 had the longest flight of the day, 4:03, during which he visited the Middleham/Masham area as well as Northallerton, climbing to 6,200 asl in the process, via  wave.  In terms of flight duration he was followed by Rob Bailey in his ASW29 with 3:22, but no Flarm trace is available to determine where Rob went or if he too contacted wave.  The other private owner who, out of the 10 who launched, had at least an hour, was Duncan Pask in his LS10, his 1:02 including a visit to Easingwold while those flying club gliders to have at least an hour were Conrad Thwaites with 1:12  and Mr Watt with 1:30 both in the DG303.  The 2 seaters were busy all day, with the longest flight by Malcolm Morgan and John Forrester with 54 minutes in the DG500, while 7 First Flight pupils were flown.     


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