Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd October 2021.

Posted: 04/10/2021 15:12

Saturday 2nd.   While the airfield was a hive of inactivity due to the weather, as reported previously, this was not the case in the club house where an evening of fun and food had been arranged.  By common consent the evening was a great success with plenty of food, games, and Karaoke to entertain  the guest as the following photos illustrate


   with some of the guests determined to be Bjorn Again.

  So congratulations to the organisers and attendees for brightening up an otherwise miserable day.

Sunday 3rd.  Saturday's departing fronts left a legacy of blustery showers and a moderate to fresh SSE'ly that progressively veered into the WSW. In spite of the showers, 13 ATs were flown off runway 20, predominately in the club 2 seaters, but with Nick Gaunt rigging and flying his LS7.  Nick's one visit to Ampleforth along the southern ridge was enough to confirm the ridge wasn't working very well as he landed back after 31 minutes.  However, later in the day as the wind veered, flight times improved and although no one managed a flight of over an hour,  there were another 5 flights of over 30 minutes.  Topping the list was Dave McKinney with his First Flight pupil with 50 minutes in the DG500, followed by Bruce Grain and Sam  Leveliegh with 48 minutes in K21 KLW and then Bruce and Jacob Reeves with 37 minutes in the same glider.    No one else visited Ampleforth, although one of the flights in K21 JVZ went beyond Wass along the southern ridge.  Ventures to Bagby and Coxwold were more common and in addition the westerly ridge was explored as far as the 2nd bowl by one of the flights in the DG500. 


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