Saturday 23rd October 2021

Posted: 24/10/2021 20:31

Saturday 23rd Oct.  With low pressure to the NW and high pressure to the east a mild and moderate SSW/S'ly blew at site, generally cloudy skies being the result of the moist airstream.  Launching was delayed until around 1130 hrs by low cloud but then continued until just before 1700 hrs by which time 11 ATs off runway 20 had be flown.  All but one of these were in either K21 KLW or the DG500, the exception being Toby Wilson who had 1:14 in his Standard Cirrus using lift from the White Horse portion the Southern ridge and that part of the home bowl on the W'ly ridge that faces SSW.  Toby's was the only flight to exceed an hour, with 2 other flights exceeding 30 minutes.  Visitors Tim Beesley and Darren Schneider had 53 minutes in the DG500 during which they included the forward ridge in their flight, while Ian McFarlane took one of the day's 5 First Flight pupils for 30 minutes in the DG500.  Flights of 25 to 28 minutes tended to be the norm otherwise, with one of the flights in K21 KLW investigating the lift on the Southern ridge as far as Ampleforth (and back).  The Falke's only flight included a visit to Sutton on Forest and RAF Linton on Ouse, while a visit was made to site by a Super Cub from Millfield  before it returned there later in the day.


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