Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th October 2021

Posted: 18/10/2021 15:46

Saturday 16th.  A light to moderate flow from the SSE, slowly becoming ESE, brought in  overcast skies.  Initially the cloud base, at around 1800' QFE, was high enough for Toby Wilson and Jamie Quartermaine to attempt to give some of the day's First Flight pupils an experience of gliding.   However, after 3 launches off runway 20, with flight times of 10 minutes each, operations were suspended.  They resumed after lunch, but this time in the Falke with another 3 sorties flown for First Flight pupils, the cloud base by this time having descended to around 900' QFE.

Sunday 17th. Low pressure was firmly in charge, albeit with a slack pressure gradient,  with fronts draped across the UK.  The result was a non-flying day, the light to moderate S/SE'ly wind being accompanied by a low overcast thick enough for some light rain/drizzle at times.   

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