Monday 18th to Thursday 21st October 2021

Posted: 21/10/2021 20:04

Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th.  Monday and Tuesday were days of low cloud and rain, the latter light and patchy all day on Monday and heavier, but confined to the morning on Tuesday, as on both days a light to moderate/moderate SSE/SE blew.  Consequently there was no flying.

Wednesday 20th.  A frontal system brought rain to North Yorkshire from midday, the initially light SSE'ly veering into the NW and increasing to moderate as the front passed.  Conditions prior to midday did allow some 6 ATs to be flown off runway 24 with landings either on 24 or 20 with both K21s in use, JVZ being the mount for Derek Smith and Clive Swain for half of the flights and KLW being flown by Laurie Clarke for the 3 First Flight pupils of the day.  The effect of the approaching front can be seen in the launch heights, starting off at 2,500' QFE and terminating at 1600' QFE, the lack of lift and a lowering cloubase being reflected in flight times declining from 19 minutes to 10 minutes.

Thursday 21st.  The passage of an early morning cold front left the site in a moderate to fresh NW'ly, a combination of direction and strength that means a non-flying day at Sutton.  The wind started to moderate and back into the W around 1500 hrs, to late for any flying to take place. 

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