Friday 15th October 2021

Posted: 17/10/2021 11:29

Friday 15th.  A sunny day, saw Cumulus blossom in the afternoon, allowing 2-3 hours of soaring as a initially moderate N'ly backed into the south over the course of the day, becoming light, cloud base eventually reaching around 4,000' asl.  24 ATs were flown off runway 02 behind the Pawnees, resulting in 11 flights of over 30 minutes, with 4 over an hour.  Rob Bailey in his ASG29 and Tony Drury in his DG303 were the only private owners to fly, but posted the two longest flights, 2:41 for Rob and 2:13 for Tony.  Rob took the opportunity for a late season thermal cross country visiting Carlton Bank and Malton while Tony remained relatively local.  The latter plan was also adopted by the 2 other flights to exceed an hour, Paul Whitehead and Chris Hensman having 1:28 in the DG1000 and Martin Newbery having 1:18 in the Discus.  The best of the rest saw Guy Hartland and John Dore have 55 minutes in K21 JVZ, while the day's 9 First Flight pupils were served by a variety of instructors, with the majority experiencing the pleasures of thermal soaring.  Off  the last flight of the day, Phil Turner had 15 minutes solo in K21 KLW, having earlier in the day had 3 flights P2 with Guy Hartland.

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