Wednesday 8th September 2021

Posted: 09/09/2021 14:54

Wednesday 8th.  Another blue, hazy day with the maximum temperature reaching 25.1C as a light to moderate SE'ly blew before slowly backing into the ESE.  26 ATs off runway 20 only resulted in 8 flights of over 30 minutes with 3 of these over an hour. the latter being flown by Clive Swain in his Kestrel 19, 1:50, Barry Kerby and his P2 in Barry's Duo Discus, 1:56  and Derek Taylor in his ASW22 with 1:12.  While Clive  stayed local, Barry went north to Knayton and south to Gilling registering a maximum altitude of around 5,400' asl and Derek managed a visit to Pickering, probably using an initial climb to around 6,400'asl as his trace suggested he didn't find any worthwhile lift on the way there or on the way back.  The visitors from the Stratford GC provided all but one of the flights of > 30 but < 60 minutes, with Barry Monslow heading the list with 52 minutes in his LS8-18,  The one exception was the flight by Fred Brown with guest S Rae, who had 31 minutes in the DG1000.   No doubt attracted to the cooler conditions on the east coast, Ron Beezer visited Whitby and Scarborough in the Falke, but didn't appear to stop for a paddle, icecream or kiss-me-quick hat.  Ron did however, provide the following photos of Whitby, Scarborough and indications of weak lift out over the sea.


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