Tuesday 7th September 2021

Posted: 08/09/2021 20:05

Tuesday 7th.  A light to  moderate SSE'ly blew all day under hazy blue skies and poor horizontal visibility, the latter leading to the cancellation of the Tuesday evening  group's flying .  However, the day's activities led to 31 launches into the somewhat tricky blue thermal conditions, with only 7 flights of over 30 minutes, of which 5 were greater than an hour.  A  number of private owners rigged but didn't fly, including some who went to the launch point on runway 20 before deciding conditions were not that attractive.  The 12 private owners who did launch generated all the above 7 flights of over 30 minutes, with the longest flight, 2:27 by Rob Bailey in his ASG29, Rob also recording the best altitude, around 4,200' asl.  Those pilots who didn't stay local to the site generally went off to the NE over the Moors, with Bill Payton, flying his DG1000 solo, visiting Guisborough, Guisborough West and Carlton Bank, Rob Bailey exploring the convection between Carlton Bank and Helmsley, and John Ellis in his DG800 the area between Scudale and Knayton.  The exception to this exploration to the NE was Chris Handslik who flew his DG300 out to the west, getting as far as the East Coast Main Line.  The Falke followed Chris's lead and visited Masham, Harrogate North  and Rufforth.  The closest any one flying a club glider got to 30 minutes flying time was the 29 minutes Laurie Clarke achieved in the DG500 flying one of the day's 5 First Flight pupils.    

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