Tuesday 14th to Wednesday 15th September 2021

Posted: 16/09/2021 11:57

Tuesday 14th.  Atlantic fronts brought of day of low cloud and rain at times so there was no flying.

Wednesday 15th. The departure of the rain overnight left of day of sunny intervals with variable cloud amounts.  Cloud base was initially low and while it improved later in the day, pilots struggled to get above launch height, with the best differential being around 500'.  A light NW flow led to operations of runway 24 but with a tendency to veer into the N, landings were on 20 or 02, with the day's 17 ATs producing 8 flights of over 30 minutes with 2 of these over an hour. The 4 private owners who flew contributed 6 launches to the day's total, as well as both the >1 hour flights, visitor Mr A Peacock in his Mini Nimbus having 1:38 and Duncan Pask having 1:08 in his LS10.   All the flights of >30 minutes were flown between 1345 and 1600 hours, with  the majority of pilots electing to stay upwind of the site, the exception being Mr Peacock in his Mini Nimbus who preferred downwind locations, but independent of location, nobody went further than 10-15 km from the site.  Club contributions to flights of 30 minutes or more were by Laurie Clarke and Steve Codd who gave their First Flight pupils 30 minutes each in K21 KLW and the DG500 respectively.  

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