Thursday 2nd September 2021

Posted: 04/09/2021 11:59

Thursday 2nd.  Although the synoptic situation had not changed, with high pressure still in charge resulting in a light to moderate flow from the NE/ENE, a drier airmass led to a day of sunny periods which allowed flying to take place.  More importantly from a soaring perspective, wave and some convective activity were also available, with the day's 18 ATs off runway 06 generating 8 flights of over 30 minutes and 3 of these of over an hour.  The >1hr pilots were all visitors, with Mr Parry in his Silent 2 Electro having 2:27,  Mike Armstrong in his Oly 463 having 1;52, and Andrew Jarvis in his Oly 463  having 1:22.  The wave was contacted upwind of the site, with areas between Hawnby and Old Byland,  east of Bilsdale and over Brandsdale being favoured.   I have no trace for Andrew Jarvis's flight, but Mr Parry climbed to around 6.400' asl with Mike Armstrong climbing to around 7,200' asl, the best of the day.   Wave soaring was not however limited to visitors, as Nigel Burke took his First Flight pupil to 4,400' asl in K21 JVZ and Derek Smith and Amelia Forrester climbed to 4,600' asl in the same glider, JVZ's flight traces indicating that there was also wave lift in the lee of the main westerly soaring ridge. Towards the end of the afternoon the low cloud returned, restricting the launch heights of the last 2 flights to under 1500' QFE.  

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