Sunday 5th to Monday 6th September 2021

Posted: 07/09/2021 20:26

Sunday 5th.  The  high pressure that had dominated the UK for over a week had drifted off to the east so that the light to moderate wind now came from a drier SSE'ly direction and the low overcast  was no longer present.  The presence of Cumulus in a hazy blue sky triggered a busy day at the club with 13 Private Owner launches contributing to the day's total of 42.  Visiting pilots and gliders from the Stratford and Avon GC were well to the fore in terms of hours flown and distances covered. with 5 of the 8 flights to exceed an hour contributed by them.  YGC pilots Clive Swain in his Kestrel and Rob Bailey in his ASG29 topped the duration list however, with Clive having 5 hrs and Rob 3:27, Clive staying relatively local and Rob visiting Harrogate North, the area west of Hawes and Masham.   A similar split occurred with Barry Kerby and Sharon Kerby, with Barry and his Duo Discus P2 visiting Malton and Pocklington, while Sharon in her ASW28 stayed relatively local.  Others to fly cross country included Chris Teagle who flew around the Sut/Poc/Ruf/Sut 100 km triangle in his Kestrel and visitor Dan Brown in his LAK 19 who visited York East and Rufforth.  Those flying club gliders also enjoyed the day with Amelia Forrester having 41 minutes in K21 JVZ with Bruce Grain,  her Dad John having 44 minutes with Fred Brown in K21 KLW, Dave Thompson having 1:42 in the Astir and visitor Phil Challans having 1:40 in the DG303. Late in the day, proving that lift was still to be had, Sarah Stubbs had 57 minutes solo in JVZ.

Monday 6th.  Another day of hazy blue skies, the accompanying poor visibility delaying the start of flying until around 1330 hrs and limiting flying to 7 ATs off runway 24 as a light SSW'ly tended to veer into the W.  2 private owners launched and contributed the only flights to exceed an hour, Thomasz Rusin in his DG300 having just over an hour while Barry Kerby and Barry Monslow in the Duo Discus had 1:46, recording the best height of the day, 4,000' asl and almost getting to the A1M to the west of the site.  The only other flight to exceed 30 minutes was that of 51 minutes by Chris Edkins and Dan Brown in K21 KLW, 

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