Friday 10th September 2021

Posted: 11/09/2021 19:53

Friday 10th.  A light to moderate S'ly slowly veered into the SW as showers and thunderstorms blossomed in the late afternoon/early evening, but not locally to the site so that flying continued until the last landing around 1700 hrs.  13 ATs off runway 20 plus 2 Falke flights resulted, with extended circuits generally the order of the day that is  until the last two flights.  Here, Andy Evans found sufficient lift flying K21 KLW solo to remain aloft for 50 minutes, the best of the day, before being followed by Bruce Grain and Polly Whitehead in K21 JVZ with 40 minutes, neither of them getting above launch height.  Apart from Andy's solo flight in KLW, all the other flights were dual, with the majority for the 7 First Flight pupils who took advantage of the relatively benign conditions to experience the beauty of silent flight in the capable hands of Bruce Grain, Ron Beezer and Ian McFarlane. 

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