Tuesday 24th August 2021

Posted: 25/08/2021 16:44

Tuesday 24th.  With the anticyclone still in place over the UK not much changed weather wise, the wind remaining light from the N/NE and bringing extensive cloud that was low enough to delay the start of flying until 1435 hrs.  Thereafter, the day team flew 6 launches before the Tuesday evening team added a further 8 as the sky cleared, the last flight landing at 2021 hrs.  The light wind meant pilots had a wide choice of runway  to land and take off on, and only runway 300 wasn't used.  The initial overcast and subsequent late clearance meant lift was hard to come by so it was a day of circuits, some extended, with 4 flights over 20 minutes.  The best of these was by Chris Collingham and Sam Wallace in K21 KLW who had 28 minutes, with the next longest Laurie Clarke and one of the day's  2 First Flight pupils who had 23 minutes in the DG500. 

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