Sunday 29th to Monday 30th August 2021.

Posted: 30/08/2021 20:16

Sunday 29th. After the sunshine of Saturday, Sunday reverted to type with  extensive cloud coming in off the North Sea on a light to moderate NE'ly wind.  However, the cloud base was high enough to allow gliding to take place, with the day providing 11 ATs off runway 06, with most landings on 02.  Apart from one solo flight in his own glider by Willie Huckett, a visiting Slingsby Week pilot, only the club 2 seaters were flown, with the P2s generally being other Slingsby Week visitors. The majority of the flights were extended circuits, but around the middle of the afternoon some weak wave was found upwind of the site to the benefit of a couple of flights.  First to feel the benefit were Bob Beck and club member Stuart Wallace who had 41 minutes in K21 JVZ and climbed a couple of hundred feet above their launch height.  The next launch saw visitor Ken Reid and member Phil Lazenby in the DG1000 find the wave over Hawnby, resulting in a flight time of !:12, during which they climbed to a maximum altitude of 4,800' asl and explored to the NE of Helmsley.  The day's flying activity also included 5 flights by the Falke, with John Tayler's Super Cub providing the motive power for the flight by Willie Huckett. 

Monday 30th.  The only changes from Sunday were the lowering of the cloud base of the overcast coming in off the North Sea on the light to moderate NNE'ly, the thickness of the cloud being sufficient to generate drizzly showers.  Consequently, there was no flying. 

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