Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th July 2021.

Posted: 29/07/2021 12:27

Tuesday 27th.  A day of light and variable winds mainly from the SSE meant operations off runway 20, with 17 ATs flown.  Lift was hard to come by, with only I flight of over an  hour out of a total of  4 with 30 minutes or more.  It turned out to be lady's day as Polly Whitehead flying K21 KLW solo had 1:11 minutes and Sue Aherne flying the Discus had 42 minutes, but late in the day John Tayler and a guest of Rod Brister  had 30 minutes in the DG500 while Fred Brown and Roger Taylor in K21 JVZ had 30 minutes as the Tuesday evening group took over operations.  However, these activities were short lived as showers and approaching thunderstorms led to flying coming to an end after 2 more launches.

Wednesday 28th.  The anticyclonic conditions were replaced by low pressure as a depression covered the UK, the result being a light to moderate W'ly than slowly backed into the SW.  The wind speed was insufficient for winching so it was ATing off runway 24 with 10 flown.  Martyn Johnson in his DG600 was the only private owner to rig and launch and posted the longest flight of the day, 1:52, as he utilised thermal and weak wave to visit Northallerton and Thirsk.  Any hill lift was  soft with only Steve Thompson and Dave Sculfor managing another flight over 30 minutes in K21 KLW, 36 minutes to be precise.  Steve and Dave's other 2 flights amassed 38 more minutes, with the day also seeing 4 First Flight pupils introduced to gliding with Laurie Clarke providing the introductions.

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