Saturday 24th July 2021

Posted: 25/07/2021 15:03

Saturday 24th.  The anticyclone continued to move away to the north as a depression brought thundery rain to the south of England and Wales.  At site a light E'ly brought in extensive cloud which at first limited launch heights and excluded any chance of significant soaring.   Flying commenced around 1045 hrs off runway 06, with the majority of the 16 flights opting for a landing on 02.  The lack of much usable lift meant that circuits were generally the order of the day, but there were a few  exceptions, with Steve Thompson and Julian Pratt having 37 minutes in K21 KLW and Peter Goodchild and Sarah Stubb's 24 minutes in the same glider being the next longest flight.  Two other flights managed to reach or  exceed 20 minutes, both for two of the day's six First Flight pupils, with Nigel Burke giving his pupil 20 minutes in K21 JVZ and Toby Wilson going a minute better in the DG500.  

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