Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th July 2021.

Posted: 12/07/2021 15:45

Saturday 10th.   Frequent and slow moving showers meant it was a non-flying day.

Sunday 11th.  A bright start didn't last long as the sky soon clouded in, the wind being moderate from the S/SSE.  Flying got underway off runway 20 just before 1100 hrs and continued until mid-afternoon, by which time 14 ATs and a single Falke flight had taken place.  A short period of convective activity over lunch hour saw Dave Thompson, solo in K21 JVZ, have just over an hour while climbing to the day's best altitude of 4,100' asl,  while Albert Newbery and Julian Pratt in the DG1000 had an hour exactly.  During the same period, John Marsh and Tony Drury had exactly 30  minutes in K21 JVZ and Paul Bulmer had 34 minutes solo in the same glider.  All the day's other flights, including 4 for First Flight pupils, were in the range 15 - 27 minutes. 

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