Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th July 2021

Posted: 15/07/2021 15:28

Monday 12th.  Flying got under way off runway 06 around 1045 hrs but soon came to a halt after 2 launches in K21 KLW, as low cloud and rain set in and continued for the rest of the day.

Tuesday 13th.   Monday's depression left a legacy of extensive low cloud and drizzle, the latter slowly fading and the cloud base rising enough to allow flying to commence off runway 02 around 1400 hrs as a light to moderate essentially N'ly blew.  Circuits were the order of the day, but by the time the Tuesday evening group took over from the day team the sun came out to provide a very pleasant evening of flying.  The day team's contribution to the day's launch total was 9 with the evening group adding another 26 this leading to the requirement for 3 tugs, the 2 Pawnees being joined by John Tayler's Cub as he undertook some tug pilot training.  Although flight times remained below 25 minutes, there were some significant flights to report. The first event of note was Dave Murgatroyd's successful conversion to the Astir, Dave following this up with 2 more flights.  The second event of note was Christina Griffiths' 1st solo flight at Sutton, which she accomplished in K21 JVZ, while Julian Gerretsen's provided the 3rd event of note with a re-solo in K21 KLW, following this up with a later solo flight in the same glider.  Congratulations then to Dave, Christina and Julian.

Wednesday 14th.  A day with the prospect of some reasonable soaring weather saw operations start of runway 02 as a light to moderate  NNW'ly blew.  The conditions led to a launch total of 19, this including 5 for First Flight pupils and 6 for private owners.  Bill Payton and Rob Bailey flying in Bill's DG1000 had two flights, the first lasting 50 minutes and appearing to involve a trip to the vicinity of RAF Linton on Ouse and the second lasting three times as long as they flew around Market Weighton and North Duffield.  John Ellis in his DG800 visited the Tontine, Burn and Pontefract while recording the longest flight of the day, 2:40, and also achieving the best altitude, 4,300' asl.  Tomasz Ruskin in his DG300 stayed local for 55 minutes while Andrew Wilmot in his ASW19 had just over an hour local later in the day, having failed to find any lift off his first launch.  The other two flights to exceed an hour were flown by Clive Swain/ Mike O'Neil in K21 KLW, 1:11 with Dick Cole and his guest, R Webster, having exactly an hour in the DG1000.   Chris Handzlik was the other pilot to have a flight of over 30 minutes, his contribution to the day's flying being 56 minutes in the DG303. 

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