Tuesday 1st June 2021

Posted: 02/06/2021 15:47

Tuesday 1st. A SE/ESE'ly blew all day, slowly increasing from light to moderate as high pressure continued to dominate the weather over the UK. The day was essentially blue but usable thermal activity in the afternoon allowed some soaring activity.  Rob Bailey in his ASG29 led the way with a flight of just under 3 hrs during which he made two forays out to the Pennines,  first visiting Wharfedale and then the area between Middleham and Masham.  Closer to home, Dick Cole and Tomer Altman had 1:09 in the DG1000, while Martin Newbury closed off the period of soaring, landing the Astir at 1540 hrs after exactly an hour in the air.  In-between times,  John Carter and Martin's son Peter had 42 minutes in the DG500 and Steve Thompson and Robert Wood had 43 minutes in K21 KLW.  Maximum altitudes were around 3,600' asl.  5 first flight pupils and members contributed to the day's 22 ATs off runway 20, with the Falke chipping in with 2 flights.      

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