Tuesday 15th June 2021

Posted: 17/06/2021 17:48

Tuesday 15th.   A light SSW'ly slowly increased to become moderate, leading to 34 ATs off runway 20 and a number of cross countries using  thermal or in one case, wave lift.   The latter saw Jesper Mjels use the engine of his DG400 to climb to 5,500' asl over Topcliffe to contact the wave and proceed from there to cover 210 km visiting Leyburn, Hawes, Great Dun Fell, where he climbed to his maximum height of 19, 700' asl before returning via Leyburn and Barnard Castle.  Those using thermal lift found them tending to be  blue with maximum altitudes around 4,500' asl.  In spite of the less than ideal conditions, Derek Taylor in his ASW22 flew 300 km with TPs at Doncaster NW, the Tontine and Breighton and Paul Whitehead flew a similar distance in his Ventus with TPs at Woodhall Services, Ripon and Burn.  Steve Thompson did an O/R to Woodhall services to cover around 210 km, while Steve Hunt in his ASG29 flew a 120 km O/R to Burn.  Stuart Heaton and Albert Newbery did a tour around the Tontine, Rufforth, York and Sutton on Forest while Chris Handzlik did an O/R to Rufforth  in the DG303, his flight time of 2:33 being the longest in a club single seater. The 15 flights of over an hour ranged from the 5:10 of Paul Whitehead to the 1:03 of John Carter and Junior J Warren , this being the longest of the day's  flights in a club 2 seater.           

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