Sunday 13th June 2021

Posted: 15/06/2021 12:17

Sunday 13th.  A mainly light W'ly blew, slowly backing into the SW as a weak cold front slowly moved SE, bringing a medium level overcast but no rain, the skies eventually clearing in the early evening. 28 ATs were flown off runway 24, with 9 private owner launches.  19 flights exceeded 30 minutes with 11 over an hour, but post flight information on glider tracks was not available, so I have no information on cross country flights or indeed what contribution, hill, thermal or wave made to the day's soaring.  A number of pilots had climbs to over 4,000' asl including Kelly Teagle/Ben Haslam in K21 KLW, 4,200', Fred Brown in his Ventus, 4,400', John Ellis in his DG800, 4,800', with John Carter/Julian Pratt getting to the best altitude of the day, 6,800', off a high tow in the DG1000.  Les Rayment had the longest flight of the day, 2:05, in  his DG800, just pipping M Watt in the Discus who had 2:03.  Toby Wilson in his Standard Cirrus had two flights of 1:42 and 1:20, while Dave Thompson had 1:29 in the Astir, with visitors and First Flight pupils contributing 6 flights to the day's total.     

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