Monday 14th June 2021

Posted: 16/06/2021 15:11

Monday 14th.  Another southward travelling weak cold front brought cloudy skies but no rain, the wind being a mainly light  W'ly.  The height of the cloud layer delayed flying until around 1115 hrs.  The resulting 17 ATs off runway 24, after a couple of weather check flights, found consistent lift hard to come by, with only 1 flight lasting for over an hour and 2 more between 30 & 60 minutes.  The longest flight, by Dick Cole and visitor Rogers took a  3,000' tow  and then contacted weak wave which took them to a peak altitude of 4,900' asl, allowing them to have a flight time of 1:41.  Later on in the day, Mark Newburn and K Dimarvcot in K21 KLW had a climb to 5,700' asl off a 2,000' tow in a flight time of only 29 minutes. The two flights of between 30 & 60  minutes both involved Bruce Grain and the DG500, the first with John Dore lasted 49 minutes as they explored the available hill lift, with the second, the last of the day lasted 40 minutes with P2 J Warren.  All the flying was in the club two seaters with all four flown.  

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