Friday 28th May 2021

Posted: 01/06/2021 12:25

Friday 28th.  Low cloud and light rain delayed the start of flying until early afternoon, with 5 ATs off runway 20 and a single Falke flight being the day's activity.  A light and variable wind meant the tug pilot chose to land on 02 on a couple of occasions while the lack of any usable lift meant flight times reflected launch heights.  Dave Thompson, taking a 3,000' tow off the first flight of the day in the Astir, had the longest flight, 22 minutes, with Neil Croxford having 20 minutes in his LS4 off a 2,500' tow.  The three other tows were to 2,000' , with Paul Challons, solo in K21 JVZ and Ian McFarlane/C Jones having 2 flights in JVZ and thus posting the longest combined flight time of 27 minutes. 

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