Saturday 1st May 2021

Posted: 05/05/2021 20:31

Saturday 1st May.  May arrived much as April had departed, with a cool, light to moderate N'ly bringing sunny intervals and showers.  Soaring prospects from RASP and Skysight looked reasonable and the first of what are hoped to be regular weekend daily tasks were set, 192 km with TPs at Rufforth, Catterick and Northallerton and 245 km with TPs at Rufforth, Richmond, Wetherby South and the Tontine.  In the event, although there were 28 launches including 10 by private owners and the first flight of the day saw Malcolm Morgan and Dave Murgatroyd have 52 minutes in K21 JVZ, the weather refused to cooperate.  Consequently, the best cross country flights were by  Rob Bailey in his ASG29, visiting Thirsk, the Tontine and Carlton Bank, Martyn Johnson in his DG600 visiting Thirsk and Carlton Bank and Toby Wilson in his Std Cirrus visiting the Tontine.  17 of the day's launches led to soaring flights of over 30 minutes, with 6 flights exceeding an hour, with Rob Bailey's 1:58 being the longest of the day.  A flight time of 1:03 proved to be popular, being achieved by Martyn Johnson, Chris Handslik in his DG300 and Ian McFarlane and his guest in the DG500.  Chris Handslik later had 1:05 in his DG300, while Dave Thompson had 1:01 in the Astir.  A flight in K21 KLW managed to reach Osmotherly on a day when local soaring or circuits were the norm for many. 

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