Friday 7th to Monday 10th May 2021

Posted: 10/05/2021 19:38

Friday 7th.  A light to moderate NW'ly resulted in 8 ATs off runway 24, but the unstable airmass developed frequent, heavy showers of rain and hail that led to flying coming to a halt not long after midday.  Pilots initially found lift hard to come by under the extensive cloud at around 2,000' QFE, but Chris Handslik flying his DG300 managed 42 minutes,  Nigel Burke and Les Rayment in K21 JVZ had 29 minutes and Steve Ogden in the Astir had 27 minutes.  The Falke also had 37 minutes as it did an O/R to Clay Bank on the North edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Saturday 8th.  A deep Atlantic depression brought a day of low cloud, strong winds and heavy rain that lasted from 0800 -1500 hrs, so there was  no flying.

Sunday 9th.  The depression remained centered just to the west of Northern Ireland providing a showery, mild and moderate SSW'ly flow at site.   The accompanying low cloud meant conditions were not conducive to flying.

Monday 10th.  With the depression still anchored just to the west of Northern Ireland, early brightness was soon replaced by frequent and heavy showers and even the odd clap of thunder in the unstable, moderate to fresh S/SSE'ly flow.   Although attempts were made to start operations, the only flight was by the Falke which had a 37 minute trip to just south Easingwold and included a visit to Thirsk.     

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