Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th March 2021

Posted: 17/03/2021 18:53

Sunday 14th to Tuesday 16th.  The strong winds of the previous days slowly moderated with Sunday having moderate to fresh W'lys and a few showers late in the afternoon, a fairly typical winch launching/hill soaring day at Sutton.  However, given the lack of flying, and particularly winch launching, it was decided that the conditions were too challenging to allow operations.  Monday's moderate winds were from the N'ly quarter and although the day was dry,  with sunshine progressively becoming hazy as a front approached from the west, the club remained closed.   The approaching front of Monday became the departing front of Tuesday, overnight rain ceasing around 1000 hrs and the initially light W'ly becoming a fresh and gusty NNE'ly before declining to moderate by the end of a non-flying day.

Wednesday 17th.  A large high pressure system to the west of the UK eventually resulted in blue skies, a moderate NNE'ly  and streeting Cumulus.  However, these conditions only applied after early morning  cloud and bits and pieces of rain had cleared away to the SW.  A further tranche of instructors had been invited to keep up their recency and ATing off runway 02 commenced around 1300 hrs as Dave Campbell took the first of his 2 flights, followed by John Tayler who had three, all in K21 KLW.  Fred Brown and Brian Wise had a flight each, with 1000' tows being the norm behind Pawnee TM.  Flight times were around 4-6 minutes, although John Tayler's first flight extended this out to 9 minutes, with flying coming to an end around 1400 hrs.   With the windsock indicating some west in the wind, pilots described the takeoffs as lively. 

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