Wednesday 4th November 2020

Posted: 04/11/2020 20:37

Wednesday 4th.  An extending Azores anticyclone gave a dry, sunny and light wind day at Sutton and even some thermal activity early to mid afternoon.  The light wind was principally from  the NNW but the operating runway was 24 although there were a few landings on 02.  Pawnee Tango Mike and Eurofox Oscar Foxtrot shared the tugging duties, which resulted in 32 ATs, with a couple of private owners launching on what was likely to be the last flying day for a while with the lockdown in England due to come into force at midnight.  The morning period saw both of the day's First Flight pupils flown, one being a Mile High flight wtih Les Rayment P1 in K21 JVZ, which lasted 38 minutes.  Other pilots to breach the 30 minute barrier in the morning session were Chris Thirkell in the DG500 with 36 minutes and  Steve Thompson/Kevin Briggs with 32 minutes in the DG1000, both off high tows.  A period of thermal activity from around 1230 hrs until around 1400 hrs saw visitor Chris Darlow in his LS10 and Duncan Pask in his LS10 have 1:32 and 1:23 respectively, Chris visiting Northallerton and Duncan, Helmsley.  Steve Thompson/John Dore had exactly an hour in the DG1000 while George Rowden headed the list of those with 30 - 59 minutes having 47 minutes in the Discus.  Cloud base was around 2,500' QFE with peak thermal strength around 4 kts, although generally 1-2 kts. A little later in the afternoon, Steve Thompson/Kevin Briggs had another 44 minutes in the DG1000.  The airfield had not dried out very much since Tuesday, when a number of cars bogged down on the airfield, so care was required both on landing and retrieving.  One of the 3 Falke flights of the day  bogged down on landing but there was sufficient  manpower available to ensure a successful and speedy recovery.  At the end of the day, the DG303 and K21 JVZ were both derigged, put in their trailers and taken down to North Yorkshire Sailplanes in preparation for their ARCs. 

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