Wednesday 30th September to Sunday 4th October 2020

Posted: 08/10/2020 10:28

Wednesday 30th.  A moderate to fresh, mainly SE'ly brought in copious amounts of low cloud and rain, with 7.4 mm falling during daylight hours so there was no flying.

Thursday 1st October.  October started on a bright note with a light W'ly blowing and sunny skies, these tending to cloud over as the day progressed, but providing some thermal activity.  23 ATs and 5 Falke flights meant a busy day off runway 24  and back onto runway 20, with 5 Private owner flights.  The day's longest flights were shared between private and club gliders with Rob Bailey having 3:19 in his ASG29 as he flew 164 km visiting the Tontine, Ripon, Aysgarth and Sutton on the Forest.  Other > an hour pilots were Bill Payton, who had 2:46 solo in  his DG1000 and Bob Calvert with 1:55 in the DG303, while Bruce Grain had 51 minutes in the company of John Dore in the DG500 and Arthur Docherty had 50 minutes in his ASW 20.  3 other flights exceeded 30 minutes on a pleasant if patchy soaring day , the latter being illustrated by the fact the Nick Gaunt was unsuccessful in finding any useable lift on both of his attemps to do so in his LS7.   5 First Flight pupils were well served by Robin Hutchinson, Bruce Grain, Dave McKinney and Graham Evison.

Friday 2nd.   the promising start to October didn't last long, as a developing depression centred over the south of England produced a light to moderate E'ly that slowly backed into the NE.  This brought in increasing amounts of low cloud, so there was no flying. 

Saturday 3rd.  The depression had deepend  and was now centred over the Midlands, with the result that winds remained light, but a dull and wet day again meant there was no flying.

Sunday 4th.  The depression remained in place over the UK with the pressure at site dropping to 977 mb at 0400 hrs.   Low cloud and rain overnight and continuing showers during the day  meant another non-flying day, with the initially light to moderate ESE'ly wind slowly backing into the N.      

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