Progress on Eurofox G-HETY

Posted: 25/07/2020 20:45

Wednesday 22nd.  Meanwhile, in the deep south John Tayler continued with the assembly of G-HETY  and here is his report with photos.

Floors fixed today.  Carpet glued.  (Best bit was sniffing the glue).
Rudder pedals in and tightened up.
Editor: I assume the 4th photo is of an Eurofox trailer.






Thursday 23rd.  Continuing in the deep south, John reported:  Brake  cylinders in on P1 side.  P2 side being  chased by Roger as part of failed order.  Control columns in and control runs to flaperons connected and adjusted.  One fuel line had  to be rerouted and linkages needed lubricating and bedding in.  Rudder cables and poss elevator rod tomorrow.




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