Wednesday 3rd to Thursday 4th June 2020

Posted: 05/06/2020 11:02

Wednesday 3rd.  The day brought the first significant rain after a very dry spring, with 5 mm recorded at RAF Topcliffe, the rain falling from 0200 to 1200hrs.  Accompanied by low cloud and moderate to fresh N'ly winds gusting into the high 20kts, the day was non-flyable.

Thursday 4th.  A cloudy morning, with light rain and drizzle at times as a light NNW'ly wind blew,  saw some activity on the airfield as some members arrived to do some fettling with others derigging and trailering their gliders in advance of  forecast high winds and rain over the coming weekend.  Transient brighter skies in the afternoon did allow a single flight to occur, as the wind backed into the SW.  Those who follow flying activity on OGN may  have been surprised to see the DG1000 apparently take off unaided, fly a low level (~1500' asl) O/R to the SW of Darlington and land back at site after around 40 minutes.  This apparent mystery was the result of the DG1000's Flarm being transferred to the Falke, with the latter making the above flight.    

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