Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd January 2020

Posted: 03/01/2020 20:07

Wednesday 1st.  A sunny day with a light to moderate SE'ly wind that slowly veered into the SSE was made non-flying by the absence of sufficient members and most importantly full cat members.

Thursday 2nd.  A sunny start with a light to moderate/moderate SSE'ly wind became progressively cloudier as a warm front slowly approached from the NW.  Flying would have  been possible but there was insufficient demand to warrant mobilisation of the kit.

Wednesday 3rd.  The warm front and a following cold front had passed over the site overnight, with 1.3 mm of rain falling.  The legacy in the morning was a layer of medium level cloud, but this soon retreated to the SE to be replaced by clear blue skies with a light to moderate NW'ly that slowly backed into the W.  With Deputy CFI Bruce Grain back from his holidays, flying got under way off runway 24 around 1030 hrs,  wet patches on the airfield leading to landings being on the same part of the runway as take-offs, ie just to the left of the winch track. It was not long before the presence of localised hill lift on the NW facing part of the ridge just to the north of Lake Gormire was revealed by George Rowden and the second of the day's 4 First Flight pupils, Andy Took, who were called  down after 35 minutes in K21 KLW.  The next flight saw Bruce Grain and Jerry HN find some weak wave downwind of the site that enabled them to climb 500' from their release point in K21 JVZ and land after 33 minutes.  The wave continued to be an aid to staying up for many of the subsequent flights, with Bruce and Jerry on a later flight in K21 KLW posting the longest flight of the day, 54 minutes, plus the best climb of the day to 4,500' asl off a 2,000' tow and celebrating this with a loop.  Loops were the main feature of Fred Brown's flight with Steve Ogden's guest Brett Neesham, while Steve himself had 47 minutes in Astir DPO and Fred and Dave Thompson had earlier had 43 minutes in KLW. climbing to 4,200' asl.  The opportunity was taken to rig the Discus, following which Toby Wilson took it for a test flight off the last launch of the day, making use of  hill lift with  the wind now W'ly, and geting to Boltby and back in his flight of 36 minutes.   All in all an interesting and good start to flying in 2020, the day ending with a very nice sunset. 

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