Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th January 2020

Posted: 19/01/2020 12:09

Thursday 16th.  A moderate SE'ly wind that progressively increased to become fresh and gusty,  accompanied by low cloud and eventually rain after dark mean it was a non-flying day.

Friday 17th.  6.8 mm of rain in the morning presaged another non-flying day, the cloudy skies never clearing sufficiently to allow flying to take place as the light WSW'ly wind slowly increased to moderate.

Saturday 18th.   A developing ridge of high pressure resulted in a sunny day with intially a light to moderate NW'ly wind.  Flying got under way around 1015 hrs with 16 launches achieved before flying came to an end around 1415 hrs due an increase in wind speed to moderate to fresh that made take offs and landings on runway 24 too turbulent.  The day's ATs generated 2 flights of over an hour and a further 4 of over 30 minutesn as the area around and to the north of Lake Gormire provided reasonably consistent lift, although this did not extend much vertically.  Arthur Docherty in his ASW 20, the only private owner to fly, was one of the two >1 hr pilots with 1:15, while Rob Bailey, flying the Discus had 1:05. Steve Thompson and Ben Haslam had 37 minutes in the DG1000 and Kelly Teagle, having an early launch in Astir DPO had 33 minutes before resuming her instructor duties with flights with Josh Brookes and Sue Aherne.  A period of tea drinking and sociallizing  then ensured before the first of the winter lectures was given by Steve Thompson on radio use, this being followed by a convivial time in the bar where 4 pizzas made a timely but untimately transient appearence.    

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