Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th of December 2019.

Posted: 14/12/2019 12:48

Tuesday 10th.  A fresh and gusty SE'ly accompanied by low cloud and rain meant it was a non-flying day, the rain lasting from 0730-1830 hrs and depositing 7.6 mm.

Wednesday 11th.  A light to moderate SE'ly slowly veered into the SW over the course of the day which was generally sunny, but with a thin, high overcast at times.  Flying off runway 20 got underway just before midday and came to an end around 1615 hrs as the light faded, 9 ATs being flown in total.   Only the 2 K21s and the DG1000 were flown, with Tony Drury having the only solo flight, 34 minutes in K21 KLW, with Bruce Grain and Stuart Richardson also flying KLW just managing to have 30 minutes in the air.  Bill Payton and Colin Troise on the other hand managed 1:12 flying the DG1000, using a combination of hill and weak wave that did not extend very high.

Thursday 12th.  Rain starting around 1000 hrs and continuing into the early hours of Friday meant it was another non-flying day,as a moderate ESE'ly blew and low cloud enveloped the site.

Friday 13th.  A light to moderate WSW'ly and generally clear skies resulted in 5 AT's off runway 24 including a private owner launch. The main ridge and some weak wave provided some welcome lift resulting in a number of soaring flights.  Private owner Mark Jermain took the first launch of the day in his ASW 27 returning after 1:25. He was followed by Steve Thompson in the Discus and Bill Payton in Astir HVK who both ventured as far west at the A1/Dishforth area in their flights of 1:49 and 1:4, both climbing to around 5,300' asl from tows to 3,900' and 4,900' asl respectively.  The last two flights of the day by Ian Macfarland and Peter Robinson in K21 KLW and Rob Bailey in the Discus, taking off mid afternoon, had to be content with hill soaring as the wave had by this time disappeared.   

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